Searching Out Unique Jewelry in Santa Cruz

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I've recently developed the habit of keeping an eye out for jewelry stores when I travel. On a side trip to Santa Cruz, I discovered two wonderful places to find gorgeous jewelry and I just have to share them with you. Both can be found in the lovely central shopping district. It's the perfect spot to browse around when you're taking a break from the beach and the boardwalk.

Jewelry for Classier Souvenirs

Nautical Treasures Jewelry

Nautical Treasures Boutique has been around for quite some time, but they have newly relocated to 111 Cooper Street across from the Museum of Art & History in Santa Cruz. Walking in the door, I knew right away that it was a jewelry enthusiast's dream. rack upon rack of stunning earrings drew my attention right away. No matter your style, Diane Robinson has something to please you.

Nautical Boutique Earrings

Diane is sweet and engaging. She perused the earrings with me and offered her honest opinion. While I didn't find any California Benitoite that suited me, I did find a pair of butterfly and quartz earrings that I have gotten tons of compliments on, as well as a pair of smoky quartz droplet earrings.

Nautical Treasures Purchases

Nautical Treasures Boutique has every type of jewelry that you can think of, as well as other accessories. When you go, plan on staying for quite a spell. There is so much to look at and appreciate. It's definitely a great spot to pick up some souvenirs from your jaunt to Santa Cruz that you will actually want to show off. And with such reasonable prices, you'll find your jewelry box full in no time.

Santa Cruz Earrings

Vintage Appreciation

Judi Wyant Brooches

While wandering around, I stumbled into another jewelry store that more than caught my eye. Both of my grandmothers and my mother have always had such beautiful, unique old jewelry. So an appreciation for vintage jewelry pieces was cultivated in me at an early age. Judi Wyant Jewelry was right up my alley.

Judi Wyant Rings

Judi Wyant travels extensively and picks up pieces from estate sales and auctions, then arranges it all beautifully in her store on Pacific Avenue. I spent a very happy hour browsing, and I am sure there were still things that I missed. If you are in the market for something eye catching to express your personal taste, Judi Wyant Jewelry is a shop that you absolutely must check out.

Judi Wyant Cameos


I was particularly struck by the collection of cameo jewelry. She has everything from earrings to brooches with the stunning silohuettes with many different background colors besides the classic light pink. Keep in mind that true vintage jewelry does come with a slightly higher price tag, but if you want something truly unique, it is well worth it.

Judi Wyant Earrings

Judi Wyant Jewelry also has a basket full of really beautiful buttons and small pieces of jewelry that won't break the bank. So if you're on a budget, but still want a vintage memento, make sure that you look through it.

If you are a jewelry lover, take some time out to wander around the art and small shopping districts when you travel. There's a good chance that you will stumble upon rare treasures and end up with some gorgeous souvenirs from your trip besides a T-Shirt that you'll never wear again.

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