Various Gems Found in the US: Northeast Region

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Interestingly enough, the Northeastern region of the United States is rich with cool and earth tone gems, along with the rich seasonal colors of fall. If you're a fan of deep greens, reds and purples this is definitely the area to look for your next favorite bracelet, necklace, ring or pair of earrings. The numerous jewelry designers in this area are sure to keep up with yearly trends and are ready to dazzle  you with their latest creations.

Maine: Tourmaline

Tourmaline Jewelry 

Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone that comes in a variety of colors. The silicate mineral is mixed with other elements such as aluminum, magnesium, sodium, lithium, iron or potassium. It's a versatile stone that looks beautiful paired with any color of metal.

You can often find designers using more than one color variety of Tourmaline in large and small pieces like the bracelet above. Jewelry designers also favor using larger pieces of Tourmaline in one color with another color as an accent.

Maryland: Patuxent River Stone

Maryland Necklaces

There is currently a bit of controversy over this particular gem, which was made the state gem of Maryland in 2004. Depending on who you talk to, this gem is a form of quartzite or type of agate. According to many, the only place in the world it can be found is in Maryland.

Either way, Patuxent River Stone can be found in varying shades of red, yellow and orange often with darker or lighter wisps. Many designers in the area appreciate how well it both carves and polishes, and in turn create intricate pieces like the necklaces above.

Massachusetts: Rhodonite

Jewelry from Wire and Rhodonite 

Rhodonite is known for its distinctive pink or dark red color and is found in abundance throughout Massachusetts. However, the stones with black veins running through it—caused by black manganese oxide—are most often used by jewelers.

If you are traveling to Massachusetts, a rhodonite necklace would be right up your alley. In times past, people would give this gem to friends and family going on a trip. It was believed that rhodonite would warn the owner of danger by inducing a sudden accelerated heartbeat.

New Hampshire: Smoky Quartz

Smoky Quartz Earrings 

Smoky Quartz is a brown and black variety of quartz often found in areas where there is a lot of granite. So it's no surprise that you can easily find it in the state of New Hampshire, whose state rock is granite. It’s appearance is generally dark, with cloudy or smoky patterns that can be found within.

Quartz is a favorite gem with many jewelry designers. Kelly Warren, a designer from Florida, especially likes working with quartz because of the wide variety of colors and clarity available.

Vermont: Grossular Garnet

Garnet Bracelet 

This calcium-aluminum mineral is generally some shade of green, but it can be found in practically any color except for blue. The rarest Grossular Garnet is colorless, which is due to a lack of other minerals in the stone.

Some Vermont jewelry makers got their start in the business after becoming fascinated with the beautiful stones they could so easily find on walks through Vermont's Green Mountains.

The next time you're visiting the Northeast, or if you live there, keep an eye out for these beautiful, natural gems while on a nature walk. Or if you prefer something ready made, take the time to peruse local shops. Make sure to ask the jeweler about the stones in your new bracelet or earrings before you squirrel them away in your jewelry box. They probably have a story to tell.


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Kelly Warren
Kelly Warren

March 28, 2013

What an honor to be included in this lovely write-up! Thanks so much!


April 01, 2013

Our pleasure! We were happy to include such a great designer!

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