How to Handle Plane Travel in Style: Travel Fashion Tips

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The holidays are upon us, and with that comes more travel than usual for most. This makes airports even more hectic than usual. Whether you're taking that well-deserved vacation that you didn't get to over the summer, visiting family or getting in some last-minute business before the end of the year, you want to look your best. By planning your outfits and accessories ahead of time, you can save valuable time and have a less stressful plane trip. The following are some tried and true travel fashion tips.

Start From the Outside In


Multiway Cardigan 

If you live in or are traveling to a northern city like Chicago, New York or Seattle, you wouldn't even think about leaving the house without a warm coat. Even sunny California gets considerably cooler during the winter months. Don't get stuck in the security check lines because you brought along an overly bulky coat or made bad layering decisions.

Every single passenger is required to remove their outer jacket or coat. However, don't make getting through the metal detector harder on yourself by wearing layers that have any metallic parts. Avoid wearing anything with metal buttons, zippers or embellishments.

Instead of relying on a bulky overcoat, which can cover up your style anyway, opt for a thin but warm coat and layered tops. A multiway cardigan is a great investment. It allows for multiple stylish looks while keeping you warm and cozy in the airport and during your flight.

Accessories are Our Friends—Keep Them Safe


Earring Jewelry Box

Again, if you're wearing anything metal, you are going to encounter hassles getting through airport security. The right accessories can really make your outfit pop and express your personal style. Why risk losing them or worse, having them stolen, in the madhouse of airport security?

Your best bet is to get a sturdy, but stylish travel case for your jewelry and accessories. That way you have all your favorite pieces with you, you don't have to worry about mishaps with the TSA, and you won't end up with a tangled mess from putting them loose in your bag.

Smart Shoe Selection


Ballerina Flats

While the TSA states that they do not "require" passengers to remove their shoes going through security, chances are you will have to. Platforms and shoes with any type of thicker sole will definitely have to come off and be X-rayed. Don't wear shoes with complicated buckles and laces when you'll be asked to take them off at least once during your trip. Select slip-ons and pack your favorite chunky shoes with the cute buckle to wear after you've reached your destination.

While there's the old adage "beauty is pain," you don't want to spend the duration of your trip with a sprained ankle, busted knee or a head injury because you made a bad shoe selection. Airports are extra crowded this time of year. Escalators and moving walkways abound in airports across the nation. You may feel sexy and powerful in your prized pair of Manolo stilettos, but your plane trip is not the time or the place to show them off.

Ballerina flats—especially jeweled, in animal prints or embellished—are trending in a big way right now. They're easy to slip on and off if you're requested to by airport security, but as they have a thin sole, it's likely you won't have to remove them at all.

If it Doesn't Zip Easily, Edit and Repack


Perfectly Packed Suitcase

One of the biggest time sucks at the airport is issues with luggage and carry-ons. Research the maximum weight allowances for all of the bags you plan to take with you. Most airlines post their maximum size and weight allowances for suitcases and carry-ons on their website. If you don't look into this and your bags are too heavy, it won't just eat into your precious will negatively effect your pocketbook as well.

If you have to sit on your suitcase to get it to close, that's a red flag that you've packed too much and you risk having your luggage tip the scales. Always do a packing trial run ahead of time. If you're struggling to get the zippers to meet, you still have the opportunity to go through what you've planned to take, remove the pieces that aren't necessities, and repack.

This is yet another case when layering comes in extra handy. Maybe there are a couple of tank tops and t-shirts that you can wear to and from your destination instead of squeezing into your bags.

With enough planning and consideration ahead of time, travel doesn't have to cause headaches. It is entirely possible to get from point A to point B with style and grace.


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